How It Works

Candidates that register with ProJobShare are matched with relevant job share partners. The pair then engage in a screening process to determine compatibility.

As well as matching candidates according to work experience, skills and capabilities, they are also screened on the basis of interpersonal compatibility. Once an optimal match is established, they are able to jointly apply for roles.

For vacancies requiring half of a job share, we are able to source talent according to client specifications. The matching process is then conducted internally via the standard interview process with ProJobShare offering consulting services in parallel, if required. This may include advice on screening questions to help establish compatibility, work set-up suggestions, line manager training, etc.

If you are an employer please contact us here and we will discuss in more detail the various recruitment process options open to you.

Typical ProJobShare Candidate Profile

ProJobShare will facilitate meeting your gender parity targets as most of our applicants are mid-level to senior women with at least ten years’ experience in financial markets. They have previously worked in or are currently employed in fast-paced, transaction-oriented roles. Our candidates are committed to demonstrating that a job share can work for the benefit of the bottom line.

You will be able to interview both candidates together where they will demonstrate their compatibility.

For the Candidate

If you are looking for a job share partner or a job share role, register here. We will consider your skills, experience and capabilities and match you with a suitable job share partner. If you feel that there is a good fit with the person you are matched with, you can jointly apply to a job share role. We provide coaching, interview prep and guidance as well as connecting you to employers who want to hire in a job share capacity.

We will also present you as a job share candidate for open roles looking for one half of a job share.

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