About Us

The Women In Finance Charter asks financial services firms to make gender balance a priority.

ProJobShare provides a solution to gender imbalance in business-critical roles within financial services.

There is a vast, untapped pool of skilled women who have left promising careers in financial markets because their role was not feasible on a part time basis. Their previous roles were suited to a job share, but where would they find a job share partner? Where would they find an employer that was open to hiring a job share for a front office position?

There is also significant talent currently employed and considering resigning from full time employment because the part time option is simply not feasible for that role. The job share option means they don’t need to walk away from their career. It also means organisations can retain talent.

ProJobShare exists to make job sharing feasible within the financial markets sector. We have access to significant talent wanting job sharing partners and opportunities. Our background as financial markets professionals guarantee knowledge of fast paced, business critical work environments.

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