Job-Sharing Site Now Launched to Tackle Gender Imbalance in Financial Sector

ProJobShare is a new online platform for financial sector professionals wanting to meet like-minded individuals seeking job-sharing opportunities.

Candidates subscribe to ProJobShare to be matched to a potential job share partner. Initially, candidates register details of their employment history, their areas of expertise and their desired role. ProJobShare interview and screen all candidates and then pair them up with a suitable job share partner.

All candidates are able to meet their job share match in order to establish personal as well as professional compatibility. ProJobShare then assumes the role of a more traditional recruitment platform, presenting paired-up candidates to potential employers in the second phase of the service.

Combating inflexibility within a male dominated industry

 This service will be invaluable to the financial services sector, particularly companies that are missing out on talent because of a lack of flexibility in their workplaces. ProJobShare will soon allow employers to fill those roles which require “full-time coverage” with two professionals.

Most of the roles on offer will be front office, revenue generating roles – a niche within the financial sector that often struggles to retain female talent. It is also where the highest salaries are earned.

ProJobShare’s site founder, a former bond trading professional, says “When I became a mother, I was presented with a conflict: the high-status job that I could only do full time or a part time role that did not carry the same strategic weight and responsibility. Motherhood is one of many inflection points women face in their careers and unfortunately, if they are in an all or nothing profession, they often drop out in frustration. Job sharing seemed to me the most viable solution to eliminate that conflict.”

Ensuring more women in the leadership pipeline 

 In an industry characterized by the number of women diminishing as seniority increases, ProJobShare seeks to offer employers a practical solution to retain female talent – by making the job share option accessible to candidate and employer. Candidates can find job share partners via the portal; employers will have paired up candidates ready to interview.

“If fewer women leave their career at mid-level, it follows that the pipeline of women for the senior roles is larger.”

Addressing the gender pay gap

The prevailing reason for pay discrepancies in the finance sector is the much higher proportion of men than women in senior roles.

By presenting the means by which more women can stay on in their career, ProJobShare is hoping to see an improvement in diversity in those positions that typically progress into senior roles.

“You do not have to walk away from that all or nothing career when your personal circumstances change.”

More women in the leadership pipeline invariably helps to close the gender pay gap.

Making job share the norm within financial markets

Job sharing opportunities are not plentiful in the financial markets sector – something that ProJobShare seeks to change.

ProJobShare presents an elegant system that can get relevant and compatible candidates in front of potential employers efficiently and effectively.

ProJobShare has received an overwhelmingly positive reception from hiring managers throughout London’s financial sector. “The concept has been surprisingly well-received by hiring managers. They are all prepared to try something new to attract and retain the best talent. They are fully aware that flexible working initiatives such as job sharing do not mean less work done or a less committed employee. Two heads can often be better than one.”